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Level 1: +3 to Roll, +2 to Parry/Dodge, Critical on a 19 or 20.

Level 3: +1 to Body Flip/Throw (2D6 damage), +2 to Maintain Balance, Select one Power from Body Hardening, Special Katas, or Martial Art Techniques. Level 4: +1 Attack, KO/Stun on an 18, 19, or 20.

Level 5: +2 to Roll, Critical on an 18, 19, or 20, Death Blow on a Natural 20.

Level 6: +1 Attack, Select one Power from Body Hardening, Special Katas, or Martial Art Techniques.

Level 8: +1 Disarm, +1 to Maintain Balance.

Level 10: +1 Attack, +1 to Parry/Dodge, +1 to Disarm.

Level 11: + 1 to Damage, Select one Power from Atemi, Special Katas, or Martial Art Techniques.

Level 13: +1 Attack, +2 to Roll, +1 to Maintain Balance.

Level 14: Death Blow on a Natural 19 or 20, Select one Power from Atemi, Special Katas, or Martial Art Techniques.

Level 15: +1 Attack, Select one Zenjorike. Why Study AIKIJUTSU?

Combining the best of Jujitsu and Kenjitsu, Aikijutsu is a powerful art with awesome offensive and defensive abilities. The main drawbacks are the intensive, rigorous and strict training, coupled with limited mental abilities.

Aikikai Aikido (EXCLUSIVE)

Entrance Requirements: Alignment must be Principled (good), Scrupulous (good), Unprincipled (selfish), or Aberrant (evil). There are no attribute requirements.

Skill Cost: 15 years

(Basically, this is a representation of Aikido based on my GM's numerous complaints. It's resemblance to "true" Aikikai-school aikido is indeterminate. In terms of history and philosophy, it is identical to the Aikido found on page 84 of Ninjas and Superspies.)

Costume: Standard Karate outfit with the addition of a black hakama

Stance: Shizentai Gamae; a natural stance, facing either right or left, feet a shoulder's width apart, forward hand outstretched loosely, rear hand held back for defense.



Attacks per Melee: 1 Escape Moves: Roll with Punch/Fall/Impact, Breakfall Basic Defensive Moves: Dodge, Parry, Automatic Parry Advanced Defenses: Multiple Dodge, Circular Parry, Disarm Hand Attacks: Strike (Punch), Knife Hand Foot Attacks: None Special Attacks: Body Flip/Throw, Automatic Flip/Throw, Critical Flip/Throw Holds/Locks: Neck Hold, Wrist Lock, Elbow Lock, Automatic Wrist Lock, Automatic Elbow Lock Weapon Katas (Pick Two): WP Sword--Katana, WP Sword--Bokken, WP Knife--Tanto, WP Jo Staff


Martial Arts Powers: Recieves the Zanshin Martial Arts Technique automatically. Select one additional power from Atemi Abilities or Chi Mastery. Language: Japanese, Full Literacy

Cultural Skills: Ikebana, Bonsai, Calligraphy, Ukio-E, Haiku, or Go Philosophical Training: Zen

LEVEL ADVANCEMENT BONUSES (see Ninjas and Superspies, page 85)

WHY STUDY AKIKAI AIKIDO? A slightly more combat oriented style than standard aikido, it should appeal to those who need some offense with their defensive skills. Somewhat less mystic power than the usual aikido.

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