Level Advancement Bonuses

Level 1: +3 strike and parry, +2 damage, +2 maintain balance, pull and roll Level 2: +1 strike, +3 disarm, +3 dodge

Level 3: Critical Strike on 17-20, +5 SDC and Chi, select one additional Martial Arts Technique, Specialty Kata or Chi Ability

Level 4: +3 roll, pull, and breakfall, +2 to holds, +1 balance Level 5: +1 strike and dodge, +2 damage, +2 locks Level 6: +1 parry, +2 disarm and balance Level 7: +1 strike, +1 attack per melee

Level 8: Critical Strike on 16-20, Knockout on 17-20, select one MA Technique, Specialty Kata, Chi

Ability, or Zenjoriki Power

Level 9: +1 strike, +1 to holds and locks, +2 parry

Level 10: +3 pull, roll and breakfall, +2 balance, +5 SDC and Chi

Level 12: +2 init, +2 roll and breakfall

Level 13: Critical Strike on 15-20, Select one MA Technique, Specialty Kata, Chi Ability, or Zenjoriki Power

Level 14: +2 strike, parry and dodge

Level 15: +1 attack per melee, +1 disarm, hold, lock, roll, and breakfall WHY STUDY THE WAY OF TOTAL CONCENTRATION?

Although you won't get to impress anyone with fast flurries of attacks, those few actions you do take will be incredibly effective. This form can be used with weapons training to good effect, works resonably well against multiple attackers, provides good internal and mystical training, and teaches one the value of taking the time to make sure you do something right. You will also learn patience, self control, and caution.

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