Martial Art Power List

Any Body Hardening Excercise (excluding Chi Gung) Any Special Kata (Weapon Katas can be chosen from any weapon) One Life, One Shot, One Hit, One Kill (Martial Art Technique) Iai Jutsu (Martial Art Technique) Zanshin (Martial Art Technique),

Breathing (NEW) (Body Hardening Exercise) The Breathing BHE is simply the ability to breathe adequately when engaging in heavy combat, a neccessity when swinging a heavy sword while covered in plate mail. It is the rough equivalent of aerobic training. BONUSES: +1 to PE, +10 to SDC, Four Governers (NEW) (Special Kata) While all good (read: not dead) swordsmen keep these four virtues in mind, the Four Governers Kata allows the swordsman to combine all four effectivally at once. The first Goverener is Judgement, allowing the swordsman to judge his opponent's style and likely moves. The second is Distance, giving the swordsman an idea of what the proper distance is for him to strike without being hit. Time is the next, granting a better sense of the timing and flow of the battle. The fourth is Place, loosely defined as granting the swordsman the knowledge of how best to align his body against the opponent and the opponent's style. The kata requires one full melee of no strikes. The swordsman can parry and dodge, but no attack moves are allowed. At the end of the melee, the bonuses take effect for the rest of the combat or until the opponent changes martial art forms. BONUSES: +3 to Strike, Parry, and Dodge, +1 attack per melee, Can move more effectivally through the Combat Ranges (does not take an attack, regardless of movement).

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