Shi Chi Hokodan

Description: Energy Beam from the character focused by the hands Level 5 technique

Damage: 1D6 x10 SDC Cost: 100 ISP per use Power Chi

Description: Channels ISP to get 1 extra attack per melee Level 8 technique

Cost: 75 ISP per 1 attack; can only get 3 extra per melee

The Art of Battering

This is one of the many fighting arts developed by the Kydians (Atlantis, page 47 ). This is also one of the most brutal of Kydian martial arts. Originally, this was developed by the police forces to subdue criminals, but it spread in popularity, and was eventually available to all Kydians.

A practitioner of this style will enter combat rapidly, with the intent to land as many blows as possible in the shortest amount of time. The goal of this method is not to inflict pain, but to end the confrontation as soon as possible. Most of the time, if the opponent backs down, or surrenders, the attack will end.

Practitioners of this style rarely attempt to dodge or parry an attack ( unless the opponent is using a weapon ), preferring to take the damage while launching their own attacks ( simultaneous Attack ).

Those who practice this art demonstrate a particular interest in physically developing their bodies, and can often be identified by their unusually "ripped" physique.

Entrance Requirements: PS. 23, P.P. 10, P.E. 12 Costume: Shorts, leather straps on the hands.

Stance: Similar to a boxing stance, but the both fists are held up and out at shoulder level.

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