Skills Included In Training

Martial Art Powers: Dam Sum Sing. Can be traded for any Body Hardening Exercise (excluding Chi

Gung) or any Basic Skill Program.

Languages: English

Physical Skills: Wrestling

Other Skills: Research

If this is your Primary Martial Art Form, then the following other forms can be learned in a shorter time: Jujutsu (4 years), Isshin-Ryu Karate (4 years), Zanji Shinjinken-Ryu (5 years). Special Notes: Unless noted above, any Martial Art that teaches a Philisophical Skill will take 1 more year to learn. This is due to the Duelist's pragmatic outlook and its effect on the philosophy ofthe fighter. Should the game be run in its correct historical time period, or in a fantasy setting, drop the Research skill above and add an extra +1 to strike and parry.

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