Skills Included In Training

Martial Art Powers: Dam Sum Sing (AKA "Quit cryin', ya baby" Exercise), Kangeiko/Shochu Geiko (AKA "You're chopping the damn wood, no matter how much snow is out there" Exercise), and Warrior Spirit Kata (AKA The "RRRRAAAAAGGGHHHHH!!!" Kata). Can be traded for any Body Hardening Exercise or any Basic Skill Program, including (yes, that's *in*cluding) Physical. Languages: Ability to say "Rrrraaaggghhhh!" at 98% Physical Skills: General Athletics, Running Other Skills: Wilderness Survival

Special Abilities: If you *really* want to, the character may take the drinking abilities given to the Barmaid and Preacher O.C.C.s in Rifts: New West.

If this is your Primary Martial Art Form, then the following other forms can be learned in a shorter time: Jujutsu (4 years), T'ang-Su Karate(3 years), Choy-Li-Fut Kung Fu (3 Years), and Drunken Style Kung Fu (6years)

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