Skills Included In Training

Martial Arts Powers:Stone Ox, Combination of Kangeiko and Shocku Geiko, Dam Sum Sing, +1 From Martial Arts Techniques or Body Hardening or Special Katas

Note: Limited to non-Kick related abilities only!

Special: Bear Roar! Modified Form of Kaijutsu equal to Stun Yell.

Physical: Body Building and Weight Lifting, Athletics, Wrestling, and (Pick One) Fasting, Prowl, Climbing

Survival:Wilderness Survival (+50%), Skin and Prep Animal Hides (+10%),Holistic Medicine (+10%) Weapon Proficiencies:W.P. Archery and Targeting Languages:Japanese

Philosophical Training: General Alignment is Honorable.

General Disposition: Must be very aggressive in battle, but they all have a good soul and a "heart of gold", they would help the needy and help defend their homes and forests.

Training in Armor: The Practitioner practices and learns to fight while training in armor, weight increasing from 20 lbs. to eventually 150 lbs.! (Most people in training will kill themselves from stress during this period of the training)

Weapons Training: The character is trained to use short hand claws with deadly effectiveness and the Gauntlet Swords, this is a fore arm gauntlet that has three Wakizashi attached to it on the front. (May be able to draw these and post to Internet later)

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