Skills Included in Training

Martial Art Powers: Select two powers from either Martial Art Techniques or Arts of Invisibility. In addition, the character gets the Zanshin technique. If desired, any number of powers other than Zanshin can be traded, one-for-one, for any basic skill program (excluding physical). Languages: None Skills: None

Philosophical Training: None, other than it being stressed that a person should only defend themselves and not seek out combat.

If this is your primary martial art form than the following other forms can be learned in a shorter time: Jujutsu (4 years), Moo Gi Gong (4 years), Yu-Sool (5 years). Level Advancement Bonuses

1st Critical strike from behind, +3 to roll with impact, +2 to pull punch

2nd +2 to damage with knives, +1 to strike

3rd +1 attack per melee, +2 to parry & dodge

4th +3 to lock & hold, +1 to maintain balance

5th +2 to damage with knives, Knockout on natural 20

6th +1 attack per melee, +2 to disarm

7th Gains Knife & Kick Pairing, see below for details, +1 to maintain balance 8th +1 to parry & dodge, select one additional martial art power from Arts of Invisibility or Martial Art Techniques

9th +2 to strike, critical strike on natural 18, 19, or 20

10th +2 to damage with knives, select one body hardening exercise, can use spinning hook with Knife

& Kick Pairing. 11th +2 to roll with impact, +1 attack per melee 12th Death blow on natural 20, +2 to damage with knives 13th +2 to maintain balance, Knockout on natural 19 or 20. 14th +1 attack per melee, +2 to hold & lock

15th Gains the Shift Internal Organs power from Mystic China, +1 to dodge & parry Example of Knife & Kick Pairing: When attacked, the character can parry the attack with a knife and simultaneously counterstrike, using any of the following kicks: kick attack, crescent kick, tripping / leg hook. Or the character can parry two attacks (as per normal paired weapons) and kick. IE: Your opponent does a twin strike at you with his two sai. You do a double parry and a kick attack to the chest, all in one action. At 10th level, a spinning hook can be used in addition to the other types of kicks. Using this ability takes one attack / action. Why Study Bishoudo?

Because knives are fun. Where else are you told to run with a knife in your hand? Or your teeth. It's quite useful because you can't carry a larger weapon most places and is good against multiple attackers who are in hand to hand range.

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