WP Large Sword, WP Small Sword, WP Knife, WP Pole Arm, WP Staff, WP Small Shield, WP Zwittentang, WP Paired (any combination of other WPs and/or hammerfist). Note on WP Paired:

This is a little different then the ordinary WP Paired. If more then one weapon/fist is used to strike at once, then those weapons/limbs are not available for auto-parrying for the attack sequence. If one or more limbs are being used to parry attacks, then other limbs may be available for a simultaneous attack. It is possible to use at most 3 limbs per attack sequence (at first, anyway).

LEVEL ADVANCEMENT BONUSES Level 1: +1 attack, +3 roll, +2 pin, +1 disarm

Level 2: +1 strike, parry and dodge, +2 MDC to hand/foot strikes.

Level 4: +1 strike parry and dodge

Level 5: +1 roll, +1 pin, Jump kick(6D6 MDC, 2 attacks)

Level 6: +1 strike and parry, +1 roll, +2 MDC to hand/foot strikes.

Level 7: Critical Strike on natural 18-20

Level 8: +1 attack, Critical strike from behind, Knockout strike from behind Level 9: +1 parry and disarm

Level 9: Paired weapons can now use all 4 limbs in an attack sequence.

Level 10+2 MDC to hand/foot strikes, +1 roll, auto roll

Level 11: +1 strike and parry, +2 pin

Level 12:Auto circular parry, body flip/throw, +2 flip/throw

Level 13: +1 attack, + 1 dodge, multiple dodge

Level 14: Auto flip/throw, Critical stike on natural 16-20, +3 MDC to hand/foot strikes, Level 15: +1 on all combat roles

The Zwittentang is a huge gnarled staff (usually 18 ft long or so) that weighs at least 250 lbs. It is traditionaly made from iron wood trees, although on Rifts Earth they are commonly made from mega damage alloys or ceramics, as well as the occasional bone of a large supernatural creature or piece of a mega damage tree. In order to use it with three limbs, one must have a supernatural PS of at least 20, with four limbs, a supernatural PS of at least 16. For non Ra-hu men with only two limbs, one must have a supernatural PS of at least 30, and the user must be at least 10 ft tall. When used with two limbs, only WP Staff applies. When used with 3 or more, WP Zwittentang comes into play, in addition to the bonuses and abilities of WP Staff.

The only defensive move that works with the Zwittentang is the basic automatic parry, regardless of what moves the wielder can execute due to martial arts knowledge. Using it quickly requires lots of experience, and moves like a circular parry aren't easy to do.

The Zwittentang does 6D6 MDC + the damage for the users supernatural PS.

WP Zwittentang Level 1: +1 parry

Level 2: Circular parry with Zwittentang Level 3: +1 strike

Level 4: Spinning strike does half damage to everyone within 10 ft takes 2 attacks

Level 5: Thrust does half damage and target must roll vs punch/fall/impact or be pushed back 10 ft &

lose an attack.

Level 6: +2 damage

Level 7: +1 parry

Level 8: Spinning strike does full damage

Level 9: +1 damage

Level 10: +1 strike and parry

Level 11: Thrust does full damage

Level 12: Auto Circular parry with Zwittentang

Level 13: +1 parry

Level 14: +1 damage

Level 15: +1 attack with Zwittentang

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