Why Study Chi Kung

Chi-Kung is a purely physical martial art. It is relatively easy to learn and remains effective. Because of the total lack of mind related training, against a chi master or similar opponent, they have very little chance of winning. But against untrained opponents, they are extremely deadly. Against trained opponents, they have a good chance of winning.

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Chun Xin Kung Fu

In medieval China Chun Xin or Noble Heart Kung Fu was very common among the aristocracy. Many young noblemen learned this martial art, because it was simple and easy to learn, yet very broad in it's scope. Chun Xin achieves this by taking shortcuts. While it teaches empty handed moves, weapons, a few grappling moves, and a little of just about everything else, it teaches nothing well. The moves are pretty, but often lack the finesse or power than many other arts have.

Where Chun Xin excels though is in its scope. This is the only martial art that teaches every kind of martial art power. It is a hodge-podge of moves, powers, and philosophy that has been packaged into an superficially attractive package. Many of the noblemen who studied this form were duped by their masters into thinking that they were more knowledgeable or skilled than they actually were, but over time the art became more coherent and practical.

Chun Xin eventually fell out of favor, but lingered on to the present day in it's current form. Students are still encouraged to study the noble arts of China and to cultivate honor and respect for tradition. The training is as eclectic as ever.

Entrance Requirements: none.

Skill Cost: 6 years (3 years as a secondary form)

Costume: Formal dress. In the training hall high quality white and gold Kung Fu uniforms are worn. Expensive suits for the men and dresses for women are the norm otherwise.

Stance: Exaggerated Forward stance with one hand over the heart and the other poised for attack or salute.


COMBAT SKILLS Attacks per Melee: 3

Escape Moves: Roll with Punch/Fall/Impact, Maintain Balance. Attack Moves: -

Basic Defensive Moves: Dodge, Parry, Automatic Parry

Advanced Defenses: Power Block/Parry, Multiple Dodge, Circular Parry, Disarm. Hand Attacks: Strike (Punch), Palm Strike, Fingertip. Basic Foot Attacks: Kick Attack, Snap Kick, Backwards Sweep. Jumping Foot Attacks: Jump Kick.

Special Attacks: Leap Attack, Body Flip/Throw, Paralysis Attack Holds: Arm Hold

Weapon Katas: Wen Jen (Sword), Chrang (Spear), paired Fu (axes) Modifiers to Attacks: Pull Punch, Critical Strike, Critical Strike from rear.


Martial Art Powers: Select one (1) Specialty katas (not including Chi Katas) and one (1) Martial Art Technique.

Language: Chinese ( Mandarin ) Physical: Horsemanship. Cultural: Go, Shogi, and Tiao Qi. Philosophical Training: Confucianism

If this is your primary Martial Art form, then the following other forms can be learned in a shorter time: Gui Long Kung Fu.


Level 1: +2 to Roll with Punch/Fall/Impact, +1 to Parry/ Dodge, +1 Initiative. Level 2: +2 to Maintain Balance, Critical Strike on a Natural 19 or 20.

Level 3: +1 Damage, Select one (1) additional Martial Art Power from Body Hardening (not including Demon Hunter)

Level 4: +1 Attack per Melee, +1 to Disarm Level 5: +1 to Strike

Level 6: Select one (1) additional Martial Art Power from Atemi Abilities (not including Advanced). Level 7: +1 Attack per Melee Level 8: +1 Parry/Dodge

Level 9: Select one (1) additional Martial Art Power from Chi Katas Level 10: +1 to Roll with Punch/Fall/Impact, Double Existing Chi Level 11: +1 Attack per Melee

Level 12: Select one (1) additional Martial Art Power from Chi Powers (not including advanced)

Level 13: +1 to Parry/Dodge

Level 14: +1 Attack per Melee

Level 15: Select one (1) Zenjorki Power

Why Study Chun Xin?

Chun Xin is the art that teaches a little of everything. If you are interested in learning one martial art that is not too fancy, but will cover you in just about any situation, this is it.

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