Why Study Shotokan Karate

A solid, simple martial art that is devastating in combat.

"We fight not for wealth or power, but for the fight itself. What care I for trophies? The thrill of victory and the thought of my next opponent are enough." -A Shotokan Practioner (SF:TSG)

"I have taught you the secrets of Shotokan Karate, and you have become adequate warriors. You are now carriers of the kiving art of Shotokan Karate - for all martial arts are living arts; they grow and change and conform to the needs of each generation of Sensei and disciple. As with all living things, some generations can be stronger or weaker than their ancestors. You must ensure that the living art of Shotokan never becomesweak. For our style to live on, you must one day share its secrets with others as I have shared them with you. First, however, you must prove yourselves fit to carry on my name and the style of Shotokan. Go into the world to test your knowledge by fire and blood. Should you survive long enough for your own beards to gray with age, then you will know that your Shotokan Karate is strong; then you will know that you are worthy to teach the art. But if you should fall from the path, do not disgrace me by teaching your weak version of the art. Better that the style of Shotokan Karate should die than become a tree that appears great for its age but is rotten and weak inside." -Gouken, to his students Ken & Ryu (SF:TSG)

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