WP Rapier

Uses the WP Large Sword bonuses. The Rapier (in-game context) is a thrust only weapon. Small cuts can be made with its edge, but they only do 1 point of damage. Due to stance and the length of the weapon (average of 48 inches overall), it can be used at Long Range with no penalty, recieves a penalty of -5 to strike at Combat Range, and is impossible to use at Grappling Range (pending a special move developed by the GM and/or player). Note that some versions of the rapier have real cutting edges and some do not. A rapier with a signifigant cutting edge (ie: blade width of greater than 1.5 inches/3 cm) uses WP: Cut-and-Thrust Sword rather than WP: Rapier. Rapiers do 2D6 damage. Average cost: $400-$500

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