Benand Rigidity

atm or bodies make wonderful levers or targets for opponents. ^^ 3 do not.

between lifting:

• A SO^pound bag of rice and » A 50*pound rod or weight bar. % Repeat with relaxed body and a purposely rigid body. See also "Unliftable Body*" on page 96.

attitudes are also detrimental to those who hold them and their sit-in Dan Frank of the Maryland Ki Society tells of a police-order**^*1 history of persons resisting arrest. He studied AUcido in 'relnlto ^arn to apply effective wrist locks, but first had to learn how to

Heeded • centeree^ He did so — only to discover that he no longer situatioVnSt an<* contr°l techniques. Because he was approaching cfcon^ re^axe(^' rather than with a belligerent mind or the expectation lCt' had no more problems with persons resisting arrest.

Relaxed Mind

  1. Find and test someone engrossed in a conversation, a television shoy, board game, or a book — and test. '4
  2. Compare results with someone who is not distracted; who has been warned and is therefore apprehensive about being "tested."

A classic response in ki class is known as the "Hakama Effect," where-a student does fine until a big, black hakama (the "skirt" wom u advanced students) looms before him. The student immediately thinks "Oh no! A test!" — and focusing on that, loses all stability.

For raw beginners, learning to roll safely is rarely the favorite exercise, especially if the student is focused on discomfort, fear, or embarrassment. A standard way around this, especially in children's classes, is Rolling Tag, played like any other game of tag except that players move only by rolling. It is astonishing how quickly rolls improve.

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