Dislike and Hatred

Think of your friends, acquaintances, co-workers. Some you like and admire, others you have chosen to dislike, to hold in contempt, or to hate. List these and your reasons why. What effect do these choices have on you? When you have your list, uke test.

To demonstrate that the effects on you originate within you and your own attitudes, try this on an inanimate object.

  1. Observe an inanimate object of annoying design, such as really ugly wallpaper, a clumsy piece of furniture, an old car, a raggedy sneaker or tennis shoe.
  2. Consider how ugly it is, and how much you dislike having to be associated with it Uke test.
  3. Change your point of view to see this item as an act of creation, clumsy perhaps, but creative; perhaps by a child or someone holding a saw for the first time. Run the tape backwards on the old car or old shoe to see all the times that it functioned as a worthy tool in work or play for its owner. Uke test.

On renting an apartment from an elderly lady I asked permission to pull down the peeling wallpaper to reveal the beautiful dark wood paneling underneath. Thinking she would be glad of the free handiwork, I was surprised at her hesitation and the look of regret that crossed her face when she reluctantly agreed I asked her to tell me its story.

During the darkest days of World War II she and her best friend had spent a weekend papering that room, thinking to "brighten things up a bit."

I saw ugly fuschia wallpaper, of goofy design, an affront to my personal version of good sense and good taste.

She saw a weekend of shared work with a dear friend long dead, and light in the darkness.

While I still would not willingly choose that particular pattern for me, I could not see it quite the same way again.

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