Give or

In the sense of positive or negative orientation, "purpose" can be reduced to the desire to give or to get. What is the effect on nagel

In seiza or with Unbendable Ann, uke test as nage imagines,

1. A choice of getting or giving help:

  • Someone] must help me.
  • I will help [someone],

2. A job interview from the following perspective:

  • What can I get from the company?
  • What can I contribute to the company?

Opportunities to observe orientation of purpose are infinite and often deceptive. On the mat, an offer of instruction may appear to be an offer of help, but it may also be something else.

Giving is giving only if the other person goes away enriched. If you take pride away from them in order to feed your own view of yourself, the gift you make — even if it's hours of encouragement and support— isn't fair compensation.

Those in the military and in police organizations are particularly subject to the same temptations and opportunities.

A retired policeman commented on how many of his colleagues had burned out while he had not. What was the difference?

"Point of view," he said. "Many see 'policing' as class monitor, the one to enforce the rules and to bring the rule-breakers to justice. Or they see it as an opportunity to get a cut of the action. Truth is, there will always be an endless tide of rule-breakers. And putting your life on the line for a few more dollars under the table is not a worthwhile trade."

He saw it as an opportunity to protect his family, his street, his city and the good people in it. Not as AU-Powerful Protector or Super Cop, but as organizer, helper, team builder. The best protection for a neighborhood invaded by drug dealers was for neighbors to protect one another, to watch, take notes, collect evidence, to work as a team. He taught them how, taught them well, and a neighborhood was saved.

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