Go With the Flow Sankyo Circle

A test for the claim that Mind leads Body. In pairs,

  1. Nage assumes sankyo (page 113) and imagines ki flowing in a cirai around the arms, clockwise or counterclockwise.
  2. Uke test by pressing the elbow from the side and trying to guess in direction nage is driving his "ki circuit." (It will be easier to mo vert?* elbow in the direction of flow.)
  3. Nage vary these two possibilities with a third: ki expanding from One-Point outward in all directions. Uke test.

ma of the most difficult concepts in Aikido is to "go with" the offered ^ or attack rather than resisting or fighting it. These exercises demonstrate the power behind blending" rather than attempting to muscle one's way through the technique.

to groups of three, with a jo (staff or a broomstick), t -jtyo «¿es pull on opposite ends.

2. in middle pushes stick in one direction or the other.

3- Observe the effort required to move the> or an uke by joining with the other. Does this change with attempt to move the jo rather than the 2?

4 Observe effort required if nage thinks of joining uke 1 and-

  • Opposing the actions of uke 2.
  • Helping uke 1 do what he is already doing.

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