Harmony and Housework

During classes at the do jo, shoes are neatly stored in a rack. At many more traditional schools, they are carefully placed around the mat, facing out. The samurai tradition required constant readiness. Inability of a warrior to respond because of a missing sandal or misplaced or faulty weapons would have been an unspeakable shame. The same goal of battle-readiness should apply to modern everyday life.

  • It is inefficient to spend half an hour looking for the other shoe.
  • If you are never sure of your checkbook balance, then you're never sure of your weapons, your tools, your resources.
  • An effective encounter with the tax office or returns department is impossible if the records can't be located.
  • Too many material things means financial slavery.
  • A huge sinkful of dirty dishes harbors small enemies while making it impossible to brew a cup of tea or cook an egg.
  • Poor planning and poor meals destroy health and life.

After class, the hakama is carefully folded, its pleats tucked into place and the ties intricately woven together. I folded the pleats, as this preserves the creases. But I never learnedio fold the ties. Why? Because there is no "Hakama Folding Test" on the test list. Now I think that folding those ties, going through the steps, this small daily ritual of closing, is a wonderful opportunity to do just one thing right, to do it carefully, to do it well

Who put this book on the shelf upside-down?! There is not anything which is all right to do without presence of mind Not noticing this kind of thing is where slackness begins

Put things back properly!

—Koichi Tohei

The Way of a Warrior, the Art of Politics, is to stop trouble before it starts. The Way of a Warrior is to establish harmony.

—Morihei Ueshiba

Each small task of everyday life is part of the total harmony of the universe.

—St. Theresa of Lisieux

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