~ underside.

For uke, the feeling is like hitting a soft , rubber wall. a Soft' and utterly unmovable

The Nelsons

In pairs, with uke standing behind nage of approximately equal heigj^

1. Uke slips arms under nage1 s aims, then up, clasping hands behind tin neck to bend neck and body forward. s %

This is the wrestling hold known as the Full Nelson. (One hand hold' behind the neck is a Half Nelson). ^

  1. Nage tenses and stiffens. Observe results.
  2. Nage relaxes, drops One-Point, arms, and shoulders. Observe results. (Compare "Unliftable Body*" on page 96.)
  3. Nage stays relaxed throughout.

If some guy wants to come out of a dark alley and grab you around th* neck, that is his problem.

If you are so frightened and paralyzed that you are unable to act, that t* your problem.

fäs Jape ¿Zompleiely a fist or fists tightly balled with muscles "strongly" tensed, s wrist and provides motion such as:

Tunapg wrists in and out, Extending down and pulling up.

to identify the motion then have nage relax arm.

While tense, mge wm feei only the strongest motions. If for example, jk is rotating nage's wrists in, nage may not have a clue as to what is opening. On relaxing, however, the wrists will actually turn in, a motion that was there all along but imperceptible to rigid muscles.

the --¿e these motions increasingly subtle as nage improves in ability to feel them while relaxed. This exercise can flow into "Sticky

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