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Students of Ki Development can go through every exercise in this manual in meditation. Establish One-Point, relax, drop weight underside, and extend ki. Note feelings, moods.

Students of Aikido can go through Aikido techniques. Visualize the attack, see the energy, blend with the energy, perform the technique and the hold-down. You will probably find it difficult to maintain concentration for more than a few seconds but the difficulty of doing a technique for two all on your own is a test of real Aikido.

Beginners tend to see techniques as nage versus uke, a "win-lose" situation. If nage throws uke, nage wins and uke "loses." If uke is unthrow-able, uke "wins" and nage "loses."

Not so.

Uke "wins" by being a good teacher. The test is not the ability to remain unthrowable. The test is this: Do you understand a technique well enough to guide an unfamiliar nage through the technique and the throw? — without the help of nage's presence?

While sitting quietly and comfortably, eyes closed, without losing focus or concentration, go through:

  1. An entire attack and technique.
  2. A series of attacks and techniques.
  3. An entire test series. (The 5th kyu test, then the 4th kyu test____)
  • As nage.
  • As uke.

4. If you lose concentration, go back to the beginning and start again

At the Merrifield dojo, Steve Kendall is renowned for "One-Man Taigi"; no partner, he throws himself— including the sankyo hold downs. It's great fun to watch, enormously entertaining, but it also demonstrates a profound understanding of the energy, the flow, balance, timing, and technique.

You can apply this technique to any other activity or sport such as golf— from walking onto the green to the landing and roll of the ball

Do a dance step, play a piano piece, establish a goal and achieve it step by step, all in meditation.

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