Jfa Unefoaeker Versus the Water Drop

In th^ "Stiff Ff" on Page 82, relaxing allows to feel and fc^w tbe Uttle areas of weakness or instability, like a tiny dl of ^tri^mg through a small hole, along any available ch^ndTn l way that a brick or a boulder could never do.

In pairs, with ukein a braced standing position,

^poshes directly into uke with strength. Uke wiU probably be very

Z Nage pushes softly into uke. This time nage should be able to feel the pointy of weakness and move with them.

3. Repeat thisexercise:


Kim Aïkido Stiff Fist

(Jke extends a strong stiff arm with a stiff fist

  1. Nage squeezing firmly, tries to move it in different directions.
  2. Nage surrounds it lightly and moves it softly.

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