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^ this time push the door open

Aikido Thumb Hold

The OK Test

An example of ki flow coupled with the mechanics of anatomy

1. Nage touches thumb and forefinger and tries to hold the two fin» together while uke attempts to pull them apart.

Nage imagines ki flowing in a ring around the joined fingers. Uke test Nage concentrates on One-Point Uke test.

Aikido Thumb Hold

wrist at 90 degrees. Uke compare the forces necessary to apart. Nage compare the amount of effort required to

Aikido Hand Stretches

The 90-degree wrist bend is the proper position for various Aikido wristlocks. This exercise reveals part of the reason for the importance and effectiveness of the 90-degree bend. "Ki flows" best in association with proper mechanics.

It also flows best where there is no internal dissonance. For students with upcoming school exams ("How do you like your English class?" or "How <*re you doing in Math?) uke (or Mom and Dad) can tell just by testing.

Block Hands

In karate, the breaking of bricks and blocks with bare hands is tau?h only as a weapon, but to develop concentration, focus, and mind con ^ If the mind stops at the target, the hand stops at the target. If the ■ continues through, the hand continues through. This exercise (wT strates the same internal focus and results. ^

Uke presents hands as shown, heels of hands firmly together (fingers thumbs well apart for safety). ^

Nage strikes down (shomen-uchi1) to center of hands while:

  • Focusing on the hands as target
  • Focusing and extending past the hands.

3. Observe success in "breaking the block" depending on point of focus.

You can practice with any tool, be it a shovel, pencil, axe or kitchen t Once at a dojo party we had a "weapons competition". The weapon: a kitchen cleaver. The object: a heavy, hard green winter squash. Theg to cut said squash in half in one stroke. An interesting test. Or have yu ever had fried chicken Chinese style? The chicken is cooked whole, t cut up — bones and all —wtih a cleaver.


1. To do shomen-uchi ("front strike") from left hanmi, raise extended rig*®?1 up overhead. Strike straight down while stepping forward into right nat»1

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