in seizja,, t> Uke attempt» to lift nage's hand as it rests on the thigh.

latest is up along the arm towards the shoulder (not straight up from

Uke may ehoose to see this as an attempt to lift nage's hand. Nage can choose to see this as Unbendable Arm or as uke's attempt to lift the attached teg and entire body by the one hand — in the sense of "If you're going to move me, you're going to have to move all of me" — obviouslv

.. iMinAOriiya tact J

Unllftabie Body*

In groups of three,

  1. Tension: Two ukes lift nage by grasping nage's upper arms. Nage fe^ arms and body rigid. ^
  2. Relaxation: Nage keeps arms vertical but relaxed, shoulders down, while imagining extending to the center of the earth.
  3. Compare with tense arms and raised shoulders.


During the formal ki test, the instructor attempts to lift nage fto«1 ^ front. In practice, inexperienced ukes bend and tilt and push, striving ^ maximum mechanical advantage — skewing the test. Eliminate this having two ukes lifting by nage's arms as shown.

n lLJP (fiSl

Nage's arms must be straight. It is possible for nage to "pass ^ through basic physics by simply moving the elbows forward of the — but that is not the ki exercise.

The Light Pole

In seiza,

  1. Nage imagines a shaft of light, like a fireman's pole, up through the ton of the head, extending down through One-Point, and out through the ends of the universe.
  2. Nage imagines sliding gently down that shaft of light or riding an elevator down towards the center of the earth and beyond. Uke test

The opposite of weight underside is revealed in the tale of the little ow lady on her very first airplane ride who took care throughout the enft trip to never ever put her full weight down on the seat What afoolisn person! — and how very often we do the very same thing ourselves.

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