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Practice of Ki Breathing 147 Cloud of Ki 148 Rising and Falling Breath 149 Pre-Kiai 150

Expansion and Contraction 152 Stopping Ki or Circling Ki 153 Breathing With a Bell 154

Meditation 155

Counting 157 The Grid 158 The Gridlock 159 I Am 162

Mudra of Mind-Body Unification 163 The Light Bubble 165 Happy or Sad 166

Morihei Ueshiba Meets Rube Goldberg 167

Dark Side 168

Radio and TV 169

Treasures 171

Treasure Chest 172

Point of View 173

Internal Aikido Class 174

Harmony and Housework 175

The Spiritual Spectrum 176

Right and Revenge 177

Dislike and Hatred 178

Give or Get 179

Ahimsa 180

Entoku 181

Thank You 182

Appreciation 183

Good or III Will 184

The Act of Blessing 185

Rationale 186

CHAPTER 6 Resources 189

Books, Journals, Articles and Internet 189 Movies and Videos 197

  • Appendices
  • Appendix As Ki Society Dojos

USA A-1 Canada A-6 South America A-6 Europe A-7 Asia A-8

Appendix B: Addifiomal £x&rc\se.s The Three-Minute Ki Exercise for Health B-1


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