Instead of jo and three partners, the exercise on page 115 can h with two partners and a pencil. e

  1. Uke pulls on the two ends of the pencil.
  2. Nage pushes in one direction or the other.
  3. Nage observes the effort required if thinking of:
  • Pushing against one hand, or
  • Helping the other hand do what it is already doing.
  1. Jerome, when granted his request to see Heaven and Hell, was sur prised to see in Hell a great dinner party. In a great hall of infinite tens was an infinitely long table, loaded with every delight known to person — but the people were starving and desperate. Every ham ^ in a fork ten feet long and because they could not get the foodint0 own mouths, all were frantically trying to snatch food from one o
  2. Same hall, same table, same ten-foot forks, but the Peo^*s0n smiling, happy, and having a wonderful time, for instead ofeac F desperately trying to feed himself, they were feeding each other.

do the same exercise as with the jo but on nage's arms. '

. joining with one and moving in that a-etween: g that Action.

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