Moving One Point

While sitting in seiza, cross-legged, or standing, nage places his mind in different positions:

  • At the test point (life's hand).
  • On top of the head.
  • At the center of the earth.
  • AtOne-Point.
  • On the big toe.
  • Across the room.

Uke test on request. Compare stability of different placements. With nage in seiza, having established One-Point,

  1. Uke runs a finger up nage's spine like a zipper.
  2. Uke test.

A classic means of disrupting stability is to tap nage on the head or tousle the hair. These are the fci-test equivalents of tennis players who stop play to ask you to show exactly where you put your thumb on the racket, or the losing volleyball team that loudly announces to the winning server that this serve is for Game Point. Practice maintaining One-Point in spite of these attempts by uke to move One-Point for you.

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