Mudra of Mind Body Unification

In yoga, a mudra is a hand position, used in meditation, that helps to achieve the very thing that it symbolizes. In seiza,

  1. Fold fingers together as shown. The tips of each pair of fingers touch; thumbs cross, left over right, to touch the bases of the index fingers.
  2. Raise fingers to eye level.

Imagine ki streaming from your One-Point up through your body, out your arms, and through the fingers as if through the nozzle of a fire hose.

Uke test. Compare the stability of this pose with other tests done in the ordinary seiza position.

Lower the arms, fingers still joined in the mudra, to a natural and relaxed sitting position. Uke test

The Light Bubble

An exercise for expanding ki.

  1. Imagine a warm spark of light at your One-Point
  2. Imagine what light would look like if it were a liquid.
  3. Imagine expanding this light outward, surrounding yourself with such a substance. Extend the bubble below your feet and above your head. To help with this imagery, trace a circle with your finger as far as you can reach.
  4. Pay special attention to your back, turning within the bubble to check that area and any holes or weak spots.
  5. Firm up the outer skin of your light bubble (6 inches to a foot thick) to the consistency of soft rubber — so that slings and arrows, dark words and looks can't enter to the inner core.
  6. Have uke test gently at nage's request throughout the course of construction of this bubble.

Happy or Sad

Consider the effect of focusing on happy or sad images,'on calm or violent images.

1. like test while nage looks at:

  • A happy or cheerful picture.
  • A sad or unhappy picture.

The pictures may be as simple as the sketches below.

The first time I saw this demonstrated, in a speech class, the group reacted with shock, outrage, and shouted fury — it simply could not, must not be true. They were particularly angry and frightened because it did work so very well.

And it was so simple. Do things have to be difficult to be effective?

— George Simcox

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