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do ^,Pr°Sress we ^arn to be softer. It is the young karate students who

The Old Master has learned to do just enough to the betfrJ^'t0 brush if softty aside-In Aikido, softness is taught from

Sticky Hands

An exercise in feeling. Move slowly at first and avoid shoving or ya l ing contests. Speed is not the real purpose, nor is "touching the nose *a in most Aikido techniques, contact with uke is done not to grab, crush block but to feel or sense position. '01

In pairs, uke and nage touch hands or fingers, as:

  1. Uke moves hands slowly and smoothly about.
  2. Nage follows uke's motions without breaking contact, accepting a push, following a pull. As skill develops,
  • Uke tries to touch nage gently on the nose or chest.
  • With hands apart, nage, with eyes closed, follows uke's movements by sensing the heat of uke's hands.

Many people with poor eyesight have ended up in

Aikido rather than other martial arts because if all you can see is a blur you must rely0 feeling. Those with good eyes can overcome their handicap of goo» vision by closing eyes or practicing in a dimly lit room.

--_--"Relax Completely

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