Point of View

Rolling is a frightening new undertaking for students who have spent lives committed to the vertical plane. There is a tendency to go down, all the while thinking "Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!"

In Aikido, this point of view often translates into a misunderstanding of nage as winner and uke as loser. If this is a familiar difficulty, try changing your point of view to see a fall as:

  • An opportunity for rolling practice.
  • A back massage from the mat.
  • Flying.
  • A gift of energy from uke to help you get back up.

Night workers next door to our dojo thought us a wicked lot when they heard crashes followed by peals of hilarious laughter. One night they came to see these people who took such delight in slam-dunking their partners then laughing at them.

What they found was this: it was the ones who had just been thrown who were laughing.

Over the years I have been privileged to work with many people of capability, wisdom and good sense. "Colonel Bob " is one of the best at always managing to come up with a positive and practical point of view.

A customer complained that my database program was "crashing the system" (meaning the entire site computer network) because the network happened to go down several times while the customer was working with my database. I became impatient with the repeated calls and with what I perceived as foolish accusations.

"No," said my boss. "There is a problem. Whatever the problem may be, the customer believes that you confix it. And knows that he gets faster response from you than from the Help Desk "

This didn't change the customer, or the technical difficulties that the LAN was experiencing, -but it greatly changed my point of view—and patience.

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