Rising and Falling Breath

Here is a tool for translating the invisible into the visible. Standing or seated,

  1. Exhale completely and place hand at level of One-Point.
  2. Inhale, imagining air filling your body from One-Point up.
  3. As your body fills with air, raise your hand to follow the level of the air, as if your hand were floating on top of it.
  4. Exhale, letting your hand drop as the level of the air diops.
  5. Switch focus. Rather than the hand following the level of the air, let the level of the air follow the position of the hand

Beginners encounter a sense of panic similar, in part, to what an asthma sufferer experiences in being able to take a full breath This exercise is a means of putting yourself on a "breath budget" and has been found useful by many asthmatics

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