As Aikid® technique, aaraty? involves rotating the arm and wrist toward ^ body, It serves as a wristlock and come-along.

As U *xereise' the wrist is not twisted. If it is, the arms follow the upward motion of the wrist; the slightest upward push under naze's wrist yjjj easily raise nage's arms.

1. Nage assumes sankyo.

z Uke tesfts by pressing into nage's hands (towards chest). 3. Mz^ experiment with the following. Uke test by:

  • Pushing into hands and by attempting to lift nage's arms:
  • Exteading aims out from body.
  • Ming arms close into chest.
  • Rotating wrist. (Rotation is along axis of arm so that thumb £oes away from nage, and then up.)

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