South America

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Argentina Ki no Kenkyukai Buenos Aires Dojo

Contact: Abate Ricardo Dorrego 2614 Dorrego Buenos Aires Phone: 771/7711 Kiway @

Flores Dojo

Contact Mr. Adrian Kertesz Camacua 245 1406 Buenos Aires Argentina

Phone: (541) 631 4208 Fax: (541) 631 1815 [email protected]

Kl no Kenkyukai La Plata Dojo Contact: Eduardo Capurro Calle 5 N. 1488 (1900) La Plata Argentina Phone: +54 21 224516 kinokenkyukaijp @

Brazil Brasil Ki No Kenkyukai

Carlos Alfredo Palacios Padre Anchieta, 2953 - ap. 1404 Curitiba, Parana 80.730-000




Germany Italy


Belo Horizonte Ki Society Eni Fantini Rua Ituiutaba 143 Belo Honzonte Phone: 032-224-4969 [email protected] br

Ki-Aikido Florianopolis Lael Keen & Russell Jones Rua Servidao Viverde, 75 Costa de Dentro Florianopolis - Santa Catarina Cep: 88060-630 Phone: (048) 237-7184 [email protected]

Ki-Aikido Rio de Janeiro George Pretyman Phone: (021)549-7018 [email protected]

Suomen Ki-Aikido Yhdistys ry / Suomen Ki-Liitto

Contact: Arja Vans

Rajatie 40

FIN-01230 Vantaa .

Phone: 358-400-488 516

[email protected]

Ki Société Endoume-Roucas

Maison de Quartier du Roucas-Blanc

232, chemin du Roucas-Blanc

13007 Marseille

Phone: 04 91 31 25 73

kiaikido @

Ki-Aikido Deutschland Contact: Helmut Schweinzer [email protected]

Ki no Kenkyukai Italia w[email protected]

Ki-Aikido Centrum Contact: M.L.R. van der Meulen Van IJsselsteinstraat 26 5212 TS 's-Hertogenbosch [email protected]



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