The Concept of Reality

Ki can also be defined as "attention" or "mind." While the concept of "extending ki" is vitally important in Aikido, what it actually is that you are extending is not so important. A strong case can be made for "it doesn't matter" if the end result is the same, if the final results are real. Beginners commonly have difficulty with this concept. I, like many others, wasted at least six months debating whether what I was seeing was "real" or "not real." Experience won.

To some, the challenge of believing in the existence of ki is the challenge of believing in the existence of the spirit, the reality of things unseen1.

If the idea of extending a beam of energy from your fingers out to the edge of the cosmos violates your sense of reality, then think of it as "attention" or "mind" and use this concept as a working hypothesis, a tool, as did Einstein riding his hypothetical beam of light. If this were true, what would you see? What would happen?

Did Einstein "really" go riding on a beam of light? Not in the usual sense, but the thought was "real" in that it produced "real" results. He was able to see using this image and what he saw is now considered very real indeed

If you send your mind to the core of the earth so that anyone trying to move you must move the planet, are you really physically attached to millions of tons of rock?

Not in the usual sense, but if the thought results in real stability and real power and your opponent really can't budge you, how is this un-reaH

Perhaps this is why the man known as Yeshua, or Jesus, chose for his disciples sailors, men who could see tfie wind.

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