1. Make a list of five specific events or situations that were wrong, unfair, unkind, mean, spiteful, or cruel. These may be things you have experienced or seen yourself, read about in the paper, or seen on the news.
  2. Meditate on these. Note mood. When ready, have uke test.
  3. Now list five specific events or situations that were right, just, wisely kind, good, and beautiful.
  4. Meditate on these. Note your change of mood. When ready, have uke test.

If you can't think of five, are you really alive?

Now consider: Why is it easier to recall the barbs and slights of others rather than the good done to or for us? If true for you, change it

— George Simcox

Notice that you yourself caused depression or elevation of spirit by choosing what to think about, what to dwell on.

This is the power of positive or negative thinking, the source of your power over yourself and over those things that come into your circle of influence.

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