Try vs Do

Test the following progression. Nage say each of these aloud.

  1. I can't keep Unbendable Arm.
  2. I will try lo keep Unbendable Arm.
  3. I will keep Unbendable Arm.
  4. The arm is Unbendable.

Countless lecturcs and sermons have been preached on the negative cffects of '"can't" but note that "try" is little different as it contains the built-in possibility of failure. Look for other examples of effects by words that are far more than "just semantics."1 Words signify radically different things to different people. See Elgin, Suzette (1980).

George Simcox would tell of Mary Anne Brown who seemingly could not learn "Unbendable Arm." Finally, instead of telling her to "put" the arm out there, George told her to "place" the arm. She stood strong. Changing one little word made all the difference.

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