Actual attack Hand concealment

If the attacker is carrying a weapon, the bearing hand may be hidden, either in his pocket or behind his back. If one -or both -of his hands is concealed, beware. Some attackers do not hide the hands, rather they turn the palm or palms away from the chosen victim on approach to conceal a weapon, or keep the offending hand close to their leg to conceal the same. Other attackers will keep their hands on full display, extracting a weapon from its hiding place as they approach, or immediately after asking an engaging question.

My friend was killed in just such a way. His attacker approached with his right palm turned into his right thigh so that his knife was hidden. He got very close to my friend and asked a question to distract him, then he plunged the hidden knife into his heart. That single stab wound killed him. So look out for concealment, if you can't see the attacker's hands or if his palm is turned in or even if the attacker has his hand in his pocket, you have to ask yourself why. It is very likely that he is concealing a weapon. Cannan used to carry an old carrier bag in which he kept a number of dangerous weapons. When he asked his intended victim a question, again as a distraction, he would reach into his bag and take out his implement.

If the approach is made by more than one person they will all usually display the same physical traits.

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