Eye contact challenger

Firstly, In the case of the eye contact challenger, if you sense a rowdy individual/s walk tall and hold yourself confidently. Even if you do feel daunted, act confidently -after all 'when ignorance is mutual, confidence is King'. Confident people are very rarely chosen as victims for attack. Whenever possible, avoid eye contact where you sense aggression, but do not bow your head, this can be seen as a sign of weakness and may draw the attacker in for the kill. The challenger's ritual can be crushed before it starts by simply avoiding eye contact, if you are switched on you will have noticed him from a mile off and avoidance will not be a problem. This may take some discipline, it is often difficult not to stare, because you feel almost drawn to something that you should not look at. Practice by sitting facing the Tv and trying to avoid looking at it for 2 minutes. You might not find that it is not as easy as you thought. If you do not make eye contact then you have avoided a situation.

If eye contact has already occurred, break the engagement immediately and quickly separate yourself from the aggressor by as great a distance as possible. If this proves fruitless and aggressive verbal exchange ensues, do not retaliate, just walk away, a verbal counter may act as a catalyst. If you do not or cannot decamp at this stage and are approached, prepare for 'fight or flight'. Only fight if there is no other option open to you.

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    When you are fighting should I make eye contact?
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