If someone approaches you aggressively and accuses you of 'staring' at them, even if you haven't don't be afraid to apologise if you think that it might get you out of a violent confrontation. It doesn't have to be sycophantic, it doesn't have to be weak, it can simply be a statement like, 'I wasn't aware that I was staring at you, if I was then I'm sorry.' End of story. If you felt that the energy was right you could even say it aggressively, to let him feel you intent. This would be loopholing, what I call giving the opponent and honourable way out of the situation. I can say 'sorry' to a man in such a way that it will frighten the crap out of him, but it will still be loopholing, because he can go back to his mates or girlfriend without losing face and say 'Yeah, well he apologised, lucky for him. If he didn't I have done him.' I used to take people to one side, away from their mates, and place my arm around them and tell them quietly that if they didn't fuck off and quick I was going to hammer them in front of their mates. As the potential aggressor was moving back to his mates, I'd pat him on the back in a friendly manner so that I didn't look like the aggressor. The lad could then go back to his friends and tell them what ever he liked to save face, and they'd believe it because I was not aggressive.

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