Advanced Aikido Techniques Defence against a knife Attack to the stomach

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There are many ways in which you can be attacked with a knife but I am giving the most basic technique for you to practise. With the practice of Aikido, the others will come more easily to you.

Your partner lunges at you with the knife. Turn to the rear in a clockwise direction so that your partner is kept moving. Step back with your left foot, at the same time catch the back of his hand with your right hand and then throw him. As soon as he falls, lock his arm by placing your right arm on his elbow. Walk around his head bringing him onto his stomach. Now put your right knee on his neck and push his arm towards his head until he lets go of the knife.

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  • buta_chan86
    in our dojo, against a knife attack, we usually do, kotegaeshi, hijigatame or gokyou. Have you got some other technique to suggest?
    9 years ago

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