Counter techniques nd form Nikkyo second form into Sankyo third form

With counter-techniques you must completely follow your partner. At no time resist his technique, otherwise you will find that you cannot counter him. This is a very good exercise for harmony and relaxation. Make sure that you first try to 'give' yourself to your partner. Do not practise these techniques too fast until you have learnt to completely relax.

First I will describe 2nd form Nikkyo. Your partner grasps your left wrist with his right hand. Step back with your left foot towards your right corner. Your right hand attacks your partner's face. Carry down his arm to grasp his right hand at the back. Now bring it up until his little finger is uppermost and his hand is resting on your left shoulder. Your left hand should be grasping his wrist. Now by bringing your left elbow over push down and out. So as to bend his elbow do not stay in this position but move backwards. Bear down on his wrist. These movements should not be done too sharply, but smoothly.

Let us assume that your partner has obtained Nikkyo on you. Go forward, pushing your elbow into his body and turning it across his chest. Catch his thumb between your thumb and forefinger and move your left hip out. Now you will be able to catch the back of his hand with your own left hand in the Sankyo position. Draw his hand down to the mat. At the same time push your left hand downwards just above the elbow, with your body moving backwards.

When you are practising these counter-throws, try to keep you mind always going forward. If you let your mind go back it will be too late for you and his technique will win. This is the real fight in Aikido - to try to completely give yourself to him. This lets your partner feel that he has secured the technique and won. This lulls him back into a false sense of security and you will be able to counter him. If you cannot control your ego and try to show that you are the stronger by resisting him, you will lose.

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