Defence and counter to Ogoshi

The thrower in this and other throws depends upon breaking your balance to the right front corner. It is his left hand pulling on your right sleeve which achieves this. To successfully stop these forward hip throws snatch your right arm and should back with a considerable jerk causing him to lose his grip. To counter this throw and its variations sweep away his supporting left leg once the attacker is in position with an action something like ko-soto-gari. This is not a very 'clean' counter, but if it is done with a lot of gusto it should be possible to scoop the attacker's legs right off the ground. As the attacker will be hanging on with his right arm round your waist or neck it will be necessary to drop to the mat as you sweep the legs. If your stand up as you sweep, the attacker will simply hang on to you. Take care when dropping to the mat, not to injure yourself or your partner. There are several counters to o-goshi but I think the beginner will find this the easiest to learn.

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