Defence and counter to Uchimata

Once again defend by snatching your right arm and shoulder back making him loose his grip. Also do not stand with your legs too far apart or with your body bent forward. If the attacker has managed to get his right leg between yours do not let him lift your left leg up, instead try to reach forward and sweep away his supporting left leg. Another counter is to get completely out of the way of the throw. As the thrower begins to turn for the throw bring your left leg in and behind your right leg as quickly as possible. If the attacker is putting a lot of power into the attack he should go sailing past and throw himself. However, to make sure, as his leg goes whistling past, turn his upper body with your arms and stretch your left leg across to block his left leg. This is the same action for tai-otoshi.

Ancient Philosophy Of Aikido

Ancient Philosophy Of Aikido

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