Harai sweeping

Harai is performed with a semi-circular sweeping action, which spirals forward to turn the opposing blade aside. On an advancing step the attacker's blade is circled to the right, downwards then upwards to the left, striking the opponent's blade sharply to his own right and opening the inside attack line. The action is made by turning the blade with the left hand, as shown in diagram 13.

Harai-men is shown in plates 126 and 127 and can also allow for Tsuki. The outside attack line is opened by circling over, or under, and snapping the opposing blade to the attacker's right. This exposes the Men, Kote and Tsuki, and if taken correctly will also open the Do line. A very wide sweep is classified as Nage-barai, or long sweep, whilst a sharp sweep caused mainly by Shibori (wringing) is termed Hari-barai.

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