Haraigoshi sweeping hip

Stand in the right natural posture. Step across with your right foot as in the previous throw, then round with the left foot so as to pivot as before. This time the right leg sweeps into the opponent's right leg, so it is not necessary to push your hips completely in front of the opponent's.

As your left leg swings round pull the partner forward and with your right leg sweep the opponent up so that he almost somersaults and lands on his back. Study the plates. The arms in this throw pull the man forward strongly and onto the sweeping leg. It is not necessary, as in the previous throw, to hoist the man up with your hips. Care should be taken to see that your right leg actually sweeps the opponents legs and doesn't just dangle in the air. In the sweep, keep the leg fairly firm and use the weight and impetus of the leg to hit the opponent and sweep him off his feet rather than putting the leg in position and slowly hoisting.

This is quite an effective throw especially for tall long-legged men. The position of the right arm can sometimes be uncomfortable. If you are shorter than your opponent try to push your right elbow somewhere under the opponent's armpit, and if you are taller let your elbow point up to the ceiling. Having pulled the man forward on to your sweeping leg take care to keep your man pinned tight to your body. Imagine your opponent is like a door hinged not at the side but at the top. If you want to sweep his legs up, ie, the bottom of the door, you must have the top of the door hinged to something firm. Try for chest contact. Although it may not always be possible to keep actual chest contact try to get as near as possible. If you have pinned and hinged your man firmly on his upper body it will be easy to sweep his legs away.

Once again remember the direction of this throw. You should be pitching forward with your partner to his right front corner.

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