Kesagatame scarfhold

Move in for tai-otoshi. Do it slowly so that your man just stumbles to the mat in front of you, lying slightly at an angle.

From this position let go with your right hand, drop to the side of your opponent, putting your right arm round his neck. Pull his head up into your body and readjust your left hand grip so that you hold your opponent's right arm under your armpit. Spread your legs wide and keep your own head down. Do not relax your grip on his neck or his right arm. If your partner starts to move round in an attempt to get up, move with him so as to keep the same relative positions.

Should your opponents try to roll you over his body, shoot out your right arm to stop the attempt. Instantly resume your hold on his neck when his escape fails. Rest heavily on your partner's ribs with the part of your body under the armpit where the large back muscle called the latissimus dorsi sticks out. Keep this chest and back contact at all times.

Ancient Philosophy Of Aikido

Ancient Philosophy Of Aikido

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