Nikkyo second principle th form attack

Your partner attacks both shoulder from your front. Step back with your left foot to your own right corner. Counter with an attack to his face. Follow through, bringing the back of your hand down his right arm so as to break his balance. Catch the back of his hand with your right hand and bring it back so that his little finger is uppermost.

Keep his hand close to your shoulder, your left hand bending his elbow. Now step in with your right foot to the front of him and put pressure on his wrist. At the same time move backwards so as to bring him face down on the mat. Kneel down with your right knee by his neck and your left knee next to his armpit. Use your left hand under his elbow to turn it over. Grasp his hand in the crook of your bent left arm. Bear down with your right hand on his shoulder joint and turn your body to the right until he submits.

At all times when going back you must think about going back. When coming forward think forward. It is no good thinking forward when you are going back or vice-versa.

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