Taiotoshi Taiotoshi

This is not exactly a combination attack in that one does not move from this to a different throw. However, I am including it to give some idea of what can be done with just one throw. Having made an unsuccessful attack with tai-otoshi, you will often find the opponent stepping over your right leg. As he steps over, swivel round a bit to your left moving your foot in closer to your right foot then shoot out your right leg again in order to trip your partner. This in effect is exactly the same throw but from an adjusted position. If your opponent should again slip his right leg over your right leg, adjust the position and attack again and so on until you get him. With all these adjustments of leg position, keep the turning action of the arms constant. It is essential to keep your opponent bent forward. With the continued attacks your partner should be moving in a circle around you. A further example of continued attacks with one throw is when the opponent does not step over your right leg but just braces back. In this case one changes the attack by coming in at a different level. Having made the attack with tai-otoshi and met resistance suddenly, drop as low as possible. The sudden switch in the level of attack will often catch the opponent napping. In free practice experiment with your favourite throws and see if you can get some success with a sudden change in level.

Ancient Philosophy Of Aikido

Ancient Philosophy Of Aikido

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