The Sport of Judo

From the early days of the Kodokan, Japan has held Judo Championships. However, it is only in recent years in the West since judo gained popularity that national and international matches have been held. World championships have been held regularly in recent years. In 1964 Judo was included in the Olympic Games for the first time. It is now recognized as a fully fledged sport and takes its place in many other games including the Pan-American Games and the Maccabiah Games.

Judo is not just a knack learnt after a few minutes. It takes just as much training to throw a good man as it takes to become a top boxer or high jumper. International judo players include running and weight-training routines plus several hours daily practice in perfecting their actual judo technique. Judo is an exacting combat sport making great demands on the body and is an all-round strength and fitness builder.

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