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There are forty basic throws. In this section I will describe the ten most efficient ones. Throws can be divided into leg throws, hip-throws, hand-throws and sacrifice throws. Starting with leg throws I will illustrate some from each section in the above order.

The throws which I shall describe will, in some cases, differ slightly from the standard text-books on judo.

This is because my experience has shown that the methods I describe actually work in top competition which is the ultimate test of technique. Body mechanics and theories of 'what should work' are not taken into great consideration.

One reason for this is that surprise, which plays an enormous part in judo, can help a man win from a very inferior position. It may be possible to say that such and such a position is the best mechanically but if this position gives one's opponent a chance for an easy counter or block it will be of little use. We attempt what we can get.

This is a diagram of throwing directions against an opponent standing with his feet about shoulder width apart facing you. These directions will often be mentioned in the description of throws.

Note that most throws are in a direction which is usually against an opponent's weak point. Try not to stray from these directions as you might be trying to throw a man against his strong point.

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