Throws Conclusion

The stomach throw concludes the description of ten basic and important throws. There are many others, but the ones I have described are perhaps the best known. Most of the throws I have described are capable of many variations for different types of movements and opponents. One throw can cover most situations although not all. Try to get in as much throwing practice as possible with all these ten throws on a non-resisting partner. The faster and harder you throw the better. Gradually you will find that one or two throws suit your physique. These are the ones to specialize in. When moving around in free practice (randori), try to create opportunities by your own movement. Study the pictures of the throws carefully. They will show much more than can be gleaned from the text.

Sometimes the thrower in these will differ in his position slightly from that of the text. This is because he has adapted his throw in its actual execution to the defender's resistance. However much it is necessary to adapt a throw keep its direction much the same. In the next part I will cover the defence and counter attacks for the previous ten throws.

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