Tomoenage stomach throw

This is the old favourite of the cinema and television screen although it is not usually done very well. It is also a great favourite of the judomen who specialize in groundwork. In the judo rules it is not possible to drag a man to the ground without making some attempt at a throw first.

For the groundwork man this is ideal. He can come with whistling in for this throw and if he connects well and good: if not he can then try to get his man in one of the many groundwork techniques. Stand as with the opponent bent right forward. Step in deep with the left foot as far as possible level or beyond his two feet. As the left leg goes in lift up your right foot and plant it in his stomach. But it is not always possible to do this. What in practice actually occurs is that one is dropping to the ground as one puts the right foot in the stomach. As your back touches the floor straighten the right leg and by pulling strongly with the hands to your own body turn the man over in the air and drop him on his back to a point past your own head.

What usually happens in the movies is that the hero does this throw and as the villain goes sailing over he lets go with his hands so that the villain comfortably rolls on his back onto his feet. The idea of any throw is to drop the man with impetus on his back. With the stomach throw, hang on tight with the hands so that your partner lands on his back and stays there.

If you miss with this throw a grip is necessary to control the opponent for further groundwork moves. To get maximum effect with this sacrifice throw, literally throw yourself down under the opponent. Providing you have got your foot in his stomach he won't collapse on top of you but will go sailing over the top. Exercise some caution when first attempting this as it is easy to injure your partner or yourself if done wrongly.

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